Michael standing in front of our office map

My name is Michael and I am the sales and marketing manager here at Bloosurf. You’ve probably seen the posts that I make on Facebook with the cat pictures. I have many different responsibilities here. I create all our marketing material, from flyers to radio ads. I answer the phone when Olivia is out of the office or already on the phone with someone. If you are an active member of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce, you have likely seen me at one or more of their events. Whenever we do a trade show or an event, I am there explaining how we provide service to out customers and how our equipment works. With all of the expansion that we are currently doing, I have been contacting potential customers who are on our interest lists to get them scheduled for a signal test and an installation if we get good signal at their address. I help around the office wherever and whenever I’m needed. When we receive a delivery, I am there to help with the unloading of the delivery. Recently, I created a YouTube channel for us where I have uploaded basic troubleshooting videos. I will continue creating content for us though many different mediums. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of the role that I serve here.