Welcome to our new website and welcome to the BlooScoop. The Bloosurf website just underwent a major facelift to get ready for the new year! We are now offering VoIP (voice over IP) services and we decided that as the company is expanding that our old website was not up to snuff. Our new website as a bunch of new features too. We now have links to all our social media as well as our YouTube channel where I have just uploaded a basic troubleshooting video. The BlooScoop is going to have posts about what we are doing, for example, we just recently installed equipment on towers in Laurel, Pittsville, and we are almost finished with Bridgeville too! As our new sites are becoming operational, we are looking for beta testers to help us make sure that the new towers are functioning correctly. As we expand further into Delaware, we will need more beta testers for our new tower sites. If you live in Delaware or know someone who does, give them our information as a referral and you’ll get a free month of service if they are successfully installed.