Olivia is the voice and the face of Bloosurf she is an integral part of the team here at Bloosurf. Olivia is Bloosurf’s administrative assistant. She is usually the person you talk to when you call the office. She is great at explaining how our services work as well as getting our current customers reconnected to the internet if they go down. Olivia calls customers to remind them of their appointments. If a tower ever goes down Olivia sends out a mass text to the customers on the tower to let them know that the tower is down, when they can expect it to come back up, and once it is back up.  Olivia is a wonderful person to work with and talk to.

Outside of the office, Olivia got married in October of 2018. She has two cats at home, a boy and a girl, who love to play and cuddle with her. They even play fetch! Olivia wants to open her own daycare. Her mother has one, so she has been working with kids her whole life. Olivia loves being around kids and she has a very nurturing nature.

Olivia and her husband Cody on their wedding day

One of Olivia’s cats, Tesla!

Olivia and Cody with a chimp!