In Bloosurf news, we have recently added our equipment to a ton of new towers in Delaware and Maryland! We have towers in Deal Island, Woodside, Blackiston, Camden-Wyoming, Harrington (with another on the way going in the town proper), one east of Whiteleysburg, and one next to Pearson’s Corner all online and serving customers! Woohoo! Also, we recently finished Wolford and are adding customers to it! Go Woolford! But wait there’s more, our second tower in Harrington is almost ready for customers too! Get ready Harrington Bloosurf is in town and expanding! Up next on our list are Bethany, Dagsboro, Milton, Milford, and Smyrna. Wow, that’s a lot of towers! It’s time to let your friends, loved ones, neighbors, and everyone else know to get ready for Bloosurf high-speed internet! As always, stay Bloo my friends!