Check out our Vienna tower site! Neil and the tower crew are preparing to mount our equipment on the tower. The Vienna tower is 350 feet tall! Huge! We are mounting our equipment over 250 feet up which will allow us to cover a 10-mile radius around the tower and even up to 15-miles with a proper line of sight!



The set up on the ground is one of four base stations that we are mounting on the tower. This mount also has AirFibre dishes on it to provide redundancy from our Laurel tower.



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s the base station. After they hoist it up they will mount the equipment on the top of the tower and then do the same thing another three times! After all the equipment is mounted on the tower we will begin testing and preparing the tower for customers. Count down to Vienna starting now! Get ready to stream on all of your devices, because
Bloosurf is coming to town!