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About Bloosurf

Fast, Affordable High-Speed Internet provider based in Salisbury, MD

Bloosurf is a local internet service provider in Harrington, DE that offers affordable high-speed wireless internet access to home and business users.

Bloosurf’s wireless networks are called LTE Fixed Wireless Access, a cutting-edge technology that is capable of delivering faster and more reliable internet speeds.

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Our purpose

To help empower households and businesses to unleash their potential through technology and fast internet connectivity.

What Sets Us Apart

Providing internet access in rural areas can be a challenge – but not with Bloosurf. We ensure we meet what your needs demand: A fast and powerful internet through towers in Delaware and Maryland.

We are committed to helping communities in remote areas by providing fast internet access to compete in the modern business world and elevate economic development. 

Aside from being a fast internet service provider in Harrington DE, we also provide phone service with VoIP unlimited calling.

Bloosurf offers flat pricing with no hidden fees and charges. Plus, customers can choose a plan with no data restrictions –truly unlimited internet, never capped nor throttled!

With Bloosurf technology, we bridge communities and reduce the digital divide by bringing better fiber-optic lines to customers’ houses and businesses.

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Home internet comes in many shapes and sizes.

Get high-speed internet for your home! We are flat priced, with no hidden fees or overage charges. We are truly unlimited, never data capped or throttled.

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Bloosurf is now providing phone service!

Unlimited calling within the lower 48. Setting up VoIP is easy! If you already have internet and a phone, we will mail you a converter to connect your phone to the internet for VoIP services. You can take your number with you!

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Bundle your internet and phone and SAVE!

Bundling will save you money, and allow you to get the most out of our products. Get the Best of both worlds, with high speed internet and VoIP phone services! Combining our internet package with our VoIP phone services means that you will get truly unlimited internet, never data capped or throttled, and our VoIP phone services with unlimited calling to the lower 48.

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Check to see if Bloosurf is available in your area

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We service much of the following counties.

  • Wicomico County

  • Sussex County

  • Worcester County

  • Somerset County

  • Kent County

  • Caroline County

  • Dorchester County

EDIT: I felt compelled to come back and amend my review of Bloosurf. After many, many months of problems, it seems we finally got the attention of the right person. They came back out, assessed our antenna, and replaced it with a higher powered model. This fixed our problem, and we are very happy with the Bloosurf service now. Even through the recent storms, fog, and ice, our service has not failed. Happy customer as of January, 2022. When we first had Bloosurf installed, we were happy with the service. Then something changed this past fall and service has continued to worsen. It is to the point now that we are actually surprised when we DO have service. We call and never get a call back. We open an online ticket and get the usual response about the tower, sending a technician to the tower, blah blah blah. Nothing improves. And we continue to be billed for service that we are not receiving. Might be time to make a formal complaint because this is starting to feel like a rip off.
Jill M
Jill M
We could not be more impressed and happier with the experience we just completed working with Bloosurf to implement new High-Speed Internet service for our Residence in Bethany Beach, DE. For way too many years we suffered with poor DSL service that Verizon continued to say could not be improved. Bloosurf Add caught our eye. Rachel in the Sales Team was easy and delightful to work with. A customer service type that is becoming more rare to find. Bloosurf came to our home and did a preliminary testing to determine the strength of their signal to our home. It was well worth the value. The senior technician Carlos who came to do the test was great to work with and took the time to explain his procedures and the results in terms we understood. He provided us with options to consider and gave his recommendations. Post his visit and prior to Carlos returning to install, the Operations Manager, Sophia called to verify scheduling and understanding as to how we wanted the antenna mounted. Great follow-up. Carlos came back as scheduled and did one of the most professional installation jobs that we could have hoped for. He was the star of the show as his work provides the installation and Wi-Fi performance results we hoped for (inbound up to 17 mbps, quite an improvement from the 600-800 kbps our DSL yielded us). Carlos made sure all items (connections, routers and basic service were all workign correctly. He even stood by and made cerand our personal devices were performing. he discovered an issue with the new router and without hesitation replaced it so that we received the Optimum Performance for the value we were paying for. Hats off to Bloosurf! The Kneisly's
Connie Kneisly
Connie Kneisly
About Harrington, DE

Harrington is a Delaware city located in Kent County. This quaint city is known for its harness racing and has been a harness racing town since 1946. A group of enthusiasts formed an association called “The Harrington Raceway” and built the harness racing track that is still used today – making it the oldest continuously operating harness racing track in the country. 

The Harrington Raceway & Casino had a significant impact on Harrington and its environs. Despite the city’s continued growth, Harrington has managed to keep its friendly atmosphere.

Before and after picture from one of today’s fiber optic installations in Sussex County Delaware. It’s hard to tell that we were ever there until you experience the lighting fast speed of our fiber optic connection.